Humans all have a need to feel accepted, belonged and valued. Whether it is a friendship or even a business deal, whenever a user does not feel accepted and comfortable, they leave. Similarly, users might respond in the same way while they are interacting with your website design services Singapore and does not feel that the website is making them feel respected and valued. If one is able to make their users feel valued, then one would stand a higher chance to encourage their users to stay on their site for a longer period of time and hence convert into a customer.

In this article, we will propose 5 ways in which you can help your users to feel more valued and thus hopefully turn them into your customer.

Don’t make them wait forever

The first thing that you should focus on is your website’s loading speed. A user will not feel respected if they are expected to wait for a long time in order to access your subpages. Do not expect your potential customers to wait for you. Thus, start to optimize on your site’s loading speed so that they can navigate through your website with ease.

Don’t assume they want to be fed with all of your promotional messages

The next thing is to assume that all your users fall under the same interest category. Some users would not want to be bombarded by your promotional messages and some would want to be given the choice to not have to watch the full length of your video. Always give users a choice of what they would like to receive.

Encourage a Second & Third Try

If users are not comfortable with navigating about your site, it would take them some time to be adjusted to your website’s user experience. Thus, allow them to go through your whole buying process again. Make it hassle-free for them to abandon their cart and even shop again. Allow refilling up of your forms to be easy. If the users have forgotten to check out, send them a kind reminder.

Provide Clear Signs

Users are likely to feel valued when you appeal to them, and make it easy for them to navigate and find their desired information. Make it easy in your menu tabs to look for their desired page and allow them to go back to where they were previously as well.

Make It Easy To ContactYou

At times, users might need the help of a sales staff. Therefore, make it easy for them to contact your staff and make it easy for them to contact you.

In conclusion, remember that once your users feel accepted, comfortable and valued, the higher the chance that they might turn into your customers.