One very curious thing is the fact that many ticket vendors online charge an extra fee when you buy tickets. The fee is usually around several dollars. Many times, the way to bypass these extra fees is to get the tickets for a party or event in person. Unfortunately, getting the tickets in person may be so out of the way for some people that it may be worth it just to buy online and pay the extra fee. However, if you can show up in person and it isn’t much of a hassle or economic burden to do so, then you should.

Get Discounts from Your Organizations

Many organizations give out free tickets to concerts, shows, parties, amusement parks and sports games. For example, many colleges make cheap tickets available for a variety of events and activities. Sometimes, colleges might give away free tickets for events. The same goes for other institutions such as workplaces and places that serve the public. Sometimes, various institutions will have coupons for Broadway shows sitting around, waiting for people to take them.

Buy Early Bird Tickets

Some concert and party venues have early bird tickets that are either free or cost less money. Venues that do this give their patrons an amazing opportunity to not break the bank. Sometimes, early bird tickets may have certain conditions, such as the condition that the tickets are good only if you arrive by a certain time. If you choose to buy early bird tickets, just have in mind that, in many instances, these tickets tend to be sold out quickly. There are some events where the tickets come out a long time before the event—perhaps many months to a year before the event—and get more expensive as time goes on. Keep abreast of events and make sure to buy tickets as early as possible, as long as you know that you are going to go to the event.

Buy Tickets Online

In some instances, tickets are cheaper online than when you buy them at the door. Of course, one must take into account whether there is an extra, added on fee when you buy them online, and whether this fee is worth it or not. The prices are usually listed on posters located inside music venues, and on websites like you can see here. Usually, when you buy online in advance, you might see something like the ticket being $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Cons of Some of These Methods

There are pros and cons to some of these methods of getting cheaper tickets. The cons have to do with scheduling. For example, if you get an early bird ticket or buy a ticket really far in advance, something might come up and you might not be able to go to the event. In such a case, you may end up wasting your money if you planed things months ahead but failed to foresee some sort of situation. Also, if there is a time that you must be at an event by in order to get in with your early bird tickets, you will be out of luck if you are too late.