There are two types of users of technology – the technical ones who prefer getting hands-on with the technology before determining its use and the non-technical ones who tend to believe what people have to say about the technology and make a decision accordingly. With web hosting, it is no different. While Dedicated Servers are probably as old as web-hosting itself, and are known to provide multiple benefits to the user, there are certain prevailing myths about Dedicated Hosting that can deter a few prospects. Today, we will endeavour to debunk the five most popular myths about Dedicated Server Hosting.

Myth 1. Getting your Dedicated Server up and running takes a long time

The reason behind this myth is probably the fact that Dedicated Servers allow unrestricted customization options. Therefore, if your site requires high-end customizations, then your Dedicated Server can take time before it is ready to get into action. However, if the customization requirements are basic, then you can get it done within a matter of minutes too! You are in complete control of a Dedicated Server. Also, the time taken to deploy it will depend on your hosting requirements.

Myth 2. Dedicated Servers are Costly

If you are talking only about the price of the hosting server, then Dedicated Servers are the costliest. However, when you talk about the cost of web hosting, there are several other factors that need to be factored in. For example, if your website has high resource requirements and needs custom software, then a Dedicated Server can offer more value for money in the long-run.

Myth 3. You need to be a technical expert to manage a Dedicated Server

Initially, Dedicated Server Hosting was offered as an unmanaged service. This meant that in order to manage a Dedicated Server, you needed technical expertise. However, as the market evolved and hosting companies started offering Managed services, site owners can focus on establishing and growing their websites while leaving all technical tasks to the host. This also increased the acceptance of Dedicated Server Hosting in the market.

Myth 4. Dedicated Server Hosting is not as dependable as owning a Dedicated Server

We can understand the concerns of a site owner migrating from an in-house Dedicated Server to a Dedicated Server Hosting plan. The thought that he will have less control is logical. However, it is not true. All you need to do is list down your requirements and talk to the hosting provider at length before buying a plan. Most providers accommodate specific hosting needs for Dedicated Server users and offer adequate support.

Myth 5. Dedicated Server Hosting is similar to VPS Hosting

Most VPS hosting providers advertise their services as being similar to a Dedicated Server. While some features do make VPS hosting services offer a Dedicated Server-like environment, virtual servers still share the same physical web server. However, in Dedicated Server Hosting, you are the sole user of the server. This leads to a difference in performance and control over the server. If your hosting needs are met with a VPS plan, then you don’t need a Dedicated Server. However, if you need better performance and control, then a VPS might not be enough and you might want to move from VPS to Dedicated Server Hosting.

Summing Up

Remember, myths are usually based on some outdated facts or misinterpretation of facts. Therefore, before you believe anything (good or bad) about a certain technology, try to experience it yourself before making a decision. We hope that this article helped bust some myths and helped you understand Dedicated Hosting better. If you have any further questions, please mention them in the comments below.